Bayport Police Department Awarded Fall Grant for K-9 Program

[Stillwater, Dec 2022] The Stillwater Area Community Foundation awarded its Fall Grant of $5,000 to the Bayport Police department in support of the purchase, training, and initial support needs for its new K-9 dog, Blaze.

This grant helps the Bayport Police Department to reinstate a K-9 program, which will assist officers from Bayport (as well as officers in surrounding communities), with scent-based K-9 work. Primarily, Blaze will be used to hone in on narcotics and help keep these devastating drugs out of local communities. Blaze will also be on hand to locate individuals, often vulnerable teens or elders, who need to be found and brought home to safety.

Officer Larry Cornell of the Bayport Police Department will be Blaze’s handler and partner in K-9 duties. Along with narcotics and tracking work, Blaze will also be helpful as a “community outreach officer” in schools and community events.

The Stillwater Area Community Foundation is proud to be a part of bringing K-9 capabilities back to the Bayport Police Department, helping to keep local communities safe.

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