Racial Justice and Social Justice

Racial Justice and Social Justice

In February 2021, The Stillwater Area Community Foundation announced a new grant program to support projects that address Racial Justice and Social Justice  within our communities. The goal of this grant program is to foster change and improve equity and inclusion for the greater good.

February 2023

The Foundation is reviewing this grant program to potentially repurpose the funds we use to support racial justice and social justice in the Valley. More information will be announced when finalized.

Previous awards

The 2022 Grant was awarded to two organizations:

Rise, Inc. received $5,000 in grant funding to help provide self-advocacy training for people with disabilities. Policy decisions affecting the disability community are often made with little input from those within the community. This funding supports Rise, Inc. as it develops and provides an 8-week Self Advocacy Workshop for people with disabilities. Nearly 500 people from the St. Croix Valley region participate in Rise, Inc programs. The workshops will help participants gain confidence by honing communication skills, identifying key speaking platforms, and encouraging attendees to use their voice to advocate for their needs and passions.


The Connect Center (TCC) received $3,000 in gas-only gift cards for those served through their programs. TCC provides emergency assistance to low-income families, the homeless, and unstably housed youth. TCC clients rely on their personal vehicles (usually older, less efficient vehicles) for work, to get children
to childcare, medical appointments, etc. With no public transportation in the community and high gas
prices, TCC clients have been forced to make difficult decisions like forgoing utility bills, insurance,
nutritious food, or the costs for children to participate in extracurricular activities. Any of these choices
can have devastating consequences to individuals and families. Not the least of which is forcing families
to leave our community for urban centers where public transportation is more accessible.


The 2021 Grant was awarded to Stillwater Early Childhood Family Education

Stillwater ECFE received $15,000 to launch a new education program "Parenting for Racial Justice".

This program is taught by school district staff and special guests, and is designed to help participants understand the history of racism in America and teach them to become allies and change makers within their community. Part 1 of the series outlines the systemic racism that has existed in this country since its founding and helps participants recognize biases that exist in their everyday lives. Part 2 focuses on what families can do in their own homes to help children grow up without negative biases.  Part 3 allows participants to take part in a book study to dig even deeper into topics covered.

Classes are open to all district residents, whether their kids attend Stillwater Area Public Schools or not. While originally designed for parents and caregivers of young children, the content is relevant for elementary and middle school kids as well.

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