Our Funds

Our FundsTwo funds serve immediate and long-term needs.

The Endowed Fund is Invested for Legacy Giving

Gifts to the Stillwater Area Endowed Fund will be invested and saved for the future. Annually, a percentage of the earnings will be used for grant making to local nonprofit organizations and to fund the Great Idea competition. Because the interest earned annually generally exceeds the granted amount, the fund principal remains untouched and continues to grow. This operating model ensures that our financial resources continue to grow, and that every dollar donated has the power to give back to the community forever.

The Unrestricted Fund Serves Needs More Flexibly

Gifts to the Stillwater Area Unrestricted Fund are fully available for granting at any time, and may be used for any purpose approved by the Stillwater Area Community Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Additional Legacy Giving Options

Families and individuals who wish to pursue legacy giving through restricted donations (in which the donor specifies the institution or organization recipient of their gifts), Field of Interest, Founder-Advisory Funds, or Scholarships may do so through our parent organization, St. Croix Valley Foundation.

Through immediate and planned giving, you can make an impact in your community. Ask your financial advisor or estate planner about the various ways that you can leave a significant financial legacy to benefit your hometown for generations to come.

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