Great Idea Competition winner Cimarron Community Farm Awarded Grant

[Stillwater, Oct 2022] The Stillwater Area Community Foundation awarded $8,500 through its Great Idea Competition Grant to Cimarron Community Farm. The grant will support their work in providing farm-fresh food to local residents who otherwise would not have access to healthy produce.

The grant will support Cimarron Community Farm’s effort to expand its youth program. The farm plot is near Cimarron Park, an area of lower income housing in Lake Elmo, MN – home to nearly 2000 residents. Many Cimarron Park families rely on the nonprofit farm to augment summertime food needs.

The youth program at Cimarron Community Farm has been operating for 8 years. It allows kids and teens from Cimarron Park to help plant, water, manage, harvest, and create meals using vegetables grown at the farm.

For the 2023 growing season, the Stillwater Area Community Foundation grant will support the Farm’s ability to expand the teen program, encouraging entrepreneurial and social skill opportunities. Teens will sell produce at the local farmer’s market, engage with neighbors, and host a farm/family event at the end of the season where youth can share new skills within their community. This program is offered free of charge for area youth and runs throughout the growing season.

When kids have no activities in the summer they often resort to excessive screen time or risky behaviors. The impact of the Cimarron Community Farm youth program is a significant enhancement to opportunities for and engagement with local teens.

The Stillwater Area Community Foundation is proud to support the important work of Cimarron Community Farm, growing not only food but helping to raise-up young people who have pride and new skills.

To learn more about Cimarron Community Farm – View a FOX 9 news story about the Farm –

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