2016 Grants Support Youth Mental Health from Birth through Junior High

In any given year approximately 13% – 20% percent of children and youth under the age of 18 will experience a mental health disorder. With this statistic from the Center for Disease Control in mind, the Stillwater Area Foundation recently issued financial grants to three different organizations that are addressing youth mental health challenges, and their causes, in the Stillwater area.

“Youth mental health issues are wide-ranging. They present themselves in many different ways, from ADHD, to substance abuse, to depression and anxiety. They may be triggered by stressful situations, such as bullying or a family break-up. And they can impact virtually any family,” said Maria Reamer, Stillwater Area Foundation chair. “This year, the Foundation was able to make a significant impact by issuing grants ranging from $3,000 to $4,000 to specific programs that are positively affecting the mental health of kids in our community, from birth through junior high.”

  • Birth to age 5—Canvas Health’s Early Childhood Behavior Assistance program, a multi-disciplinary and integrated plan of mental health services addressing the critical needs of young children who display severe emotional and disruptive behaviors.
  • Elementary school age—FamilyMeans’ Children in Transition program, helping children in divorcing families to make positive adjustments by providing group support in nine Stillwater area elementary schools.
  • Junior high school age—Youth Service Bureau’s therapist-led small groups in Stillwater and Oak-Land junior high schools, addressing topics of current relevance such as bullying, grief and transitions.

An additional grant was issued to the St. Croix Family Resource Center, which provides advocacy support to individuals and families that need help seeking out mental health and other services that can help them achieve stability in employment and housing.

Anyone can leave a legacy. The Stillwater Area Foundation is on a mission to help community members of all means leave a lasting local legacy through single donations, planned and legacy giving. Through big and small monetary gifts, the organization is continuing to build the Stillwater Area Forever Fund. This investment-based endowment fund produces interest-generated income that will be used to support local arts, environmental, youth and social services organizations and projects for generations to come. The Foundation operates approximately within the same geographic boundaries as the Stillwater area school district. In addition to its annual grants program, the Stillwater Area Foundation sponsors a “Great Ideas” competition every spring.

Stillwater Area Foundation board members recently presented a grant to FamilyMeans in support of its Children in Transitions program. The Foundation this year issued four grants supporting youth mental health and social services programs. Front row: Shannon Enright, Miriam Simmons, Arba Della Beck (FamilyMeans), Maria Reamer, Ann Johnson. Back row: Joni Polehna, Barbara Casey, Jennifer Cates Peterson, Bill Kohn, Lee Valsvik, Tom Triplett, Bill McCarthy.

Youth Service Bureau recently received a grant from the Stillwater Area Foundation to benefit its small-group support in two local junior high schools. From left, Youth Service Bureau representatives Mike Huntley, Emily Johnson and Bob Sherman; Stillwater Area Foundation board members Maria Reamer, Lee Valsvik, Bill McCarthy and Joni Polehna.

The Stillwater Area Foundation is a community foundation affiliated with the St. Croix Valley Foundation.

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