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Keeping philanthropy local


Empowering our communities

© Photo by Kelley Brenner


is a Minnesota community foundation serving Bayport, Baytown Township, Grant, Lake Elmo, Marine on St. Croix, May Township (including Withrow), Oak Park Heights, Stillwater and West Lakeland Township (north of Highway 94).

Our Focus

Investing and managing charitable funds so that anyone can leave a lasting legacy in our communities.

Promoting great ideas and instigating positive changes through conversations and projects.

Facing immediate challenges by granting financial support to hard-working local nonprofits.


Donations to the Stillwater Area Community Foundation serve local needs and causes today and for years to come.

News and Events

Volunteers work to restore Fairy Falls with help from the Stillwater Area Community Foundation


Nestled deep in the woods on the north side of Stillwater, Fairy Falls is a well-loved and well-guarded local secret. Unless someone tells you where to go, you’d never think to park on the side of the road and hike through the brambles on an unmarked trail in search of a cascading waterfall, steep gorge covered in ephemeral wildflowers, and a quiet forest on the far side of the hills. Once you’re there, however, it’s immediately obvious that you’re not the first to come.

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