The Foundation

LegacyThe Stillwater Area Foundation is operated by a volunteer board of directors that includes community leaders who are your friends and neighbors.  It focuses its efforts on providing funding in the areas of education, human services, the arts, civic projects, youth, and the environment — as well as fostering the culture of philanthropy.

Imagine….    A better Stillwater Area.
Imagine….    A community where everybody has the capacity to give in a way that makes a difference.
Imagine….    A community where combining gifts, great and small, result in making the largest local impact.
Imagine….    A community where local needs are identified and met with flexibility for today and the future.

Our Vision

The Vision of the Stillwater Area Foundation is to Foster, Nurture, and Deliver these possibilities and to serve as a leader, catalyst and resource for philanthropy.

How can you make a difference?

Many people care about the Stillwater area and would like to share resources with it in a lasting way, but feel they are not able to make a difference alone.  For such people, the Stillwater Area Foundation can be of service.  The SAF can give you the satisfaction of being charitable and knowing your gift will be put to good use in your own community.

Join us!

PinkFlowerBridgeYour financial gift can help us to build a permanent and growing endowment for the community’s changing needs and opportunities.  The Stillwater Area Forever Fund is an endowed fund established to take care of the Stillwater Area’s needs today and tomorrow.  It remains flexible so that issues not even dreamed of today can be dealt with expeditiously for the good of the community today, tomorrow, and forever.  You are invited to be a founding donor of the Stillwater Area Forever Fund.

Please read our bylaws. Bylaws Stillwater Area Foundation

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